Questionnaire on Authentic Translation Projects

1) Where do you teach?

2) How many students study for a degree in translation at your university?

3) How old are you?
above 60

4)What is your mother tongue?

5) What is the mother tongue of your students?

6) For which language combinations do you offer authentic projects?

7) Do you teach ...?
General translation classes
Specialized translation classes

8) How many times have you offered authentic projects at your university?
2-5 times
5-10 times
More than 10 times

9) Do you work as a freelancer?

10) How do you get the translation jobs for your authentic projects? Check several if necessary!
I ask certain companies if they have a job for my students
I let them work on my own jobs with the permisson of the client
The companies come to me to offer a job to my students

11) On a scale from 0-10, which of the following criteria do you find most important when choosing the text?

Topic Style Length Payment


12) How does the majority of your clients like the idea of students working on their texts?

Does not approve
Sceptical in the beginning, but eventually convinced
Does not care

13) What do you do if you do not find a suitable text in order to keep an authentic atmosphere?
(alternative program)

14) How many students attend your classes on average?
Fewer than 10
More than 25

15) How do the students work? Check several if necessary!
By themselves
In small groups
The whole class as a group

Mostly in class
Mostly at home

16) What kind of sources do the students use most for the translations? Check several if necessary!
Computer-based translation programs
Reference texts

17) What is the reaction of ...
the students?
Authentic projects usually motivate my students
Most students keep showing up every semester
Students do not like it
Students do not show up again for the 2nd session

most of your colleagues?
Do not approve
Criticize me for doing authentic projects
Have been inspired to reorganize their classes on the basis of projects

the clients?
Are completely satisfied with students' work and will ask me again
Are not satisfied at all

18) Compared to standard translation classes, do you have more work as a teacher working on authentic projects?
A bit more
A lot more

19) What problems occurr during authentic projects?

20) Please specify the advantages and disadvantages of authentic projects.

21) What are the benefits of authentic projects as reported by the students? Check several if necessary!
Higher motivation as a real text is used
Learning to work in teams
Learning about research methods
Learning how to use computer tools

22) What kind of remuneration is received?
A normal rate of pay
Less than usual because students are involved

23) What happens with the money you earn? Check several if necessary!
We donate it to charity
We share it among the students
We buy new equipment for our department

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