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Correcção feita pelo cliente:

[...] The central driving force of historical change is neither seen in technology nor economics, but in the psychogenetic changes in the personality or in the make-up structure of the character which result from the (...). [...] (....), he unfortunately fails to acknowledge the interrelation between cultural and psychological psychic development. [...] Psychological Psychical change occurs independently from social and technological change. From my perspective, it does not seem very likely that the parents` ability to go back to the psychological psychic age of a child and thus better understand their children`s fears anxieties, could constitute the driving force for psychological change in history. [...] If psychological psychical change can be explained by improvement in childhood condition (...). [...] Should we not instead understand these practices as having a psychodynamic function of supporting adjustment adaption to the respective society?

In order to understand the relation between psychological psychic development and culture (...).


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