With the help and the support from the native speakers, the German students managed to translate most of the text on their own. By using constructivist principles like exchange of ideas, proofreading and interactive working, we created a very good translation and the client was extremely happy. You could see that students showed much more positive work attitude during this project than in other normal courses. The reason being that it was an authentic translation project, which was a practical experience for the students. They had the responsibility of delivering a highly scientific translation with professional quality. On the other hand, the positive work attitude was due to teamwork instead of “chalk and talk”. Each team member was independent and responsible, which had a positive effect on their motivation and work. The constructive learning process can be observed in the different revised drafts of the translation. From draft to draft the text became more idiomatic and stylistically better.

It should be mentioned that there was also a change in the client’s criticism. At first he mainly gave us suggestions concerning the translation itself, but later his advice and criticism became more formal and specialised, which enhanced the students’ text comprehension.


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