What do you think of authentic projects - real-life translations?

"It is a good experience, but it is also important to translate many different kinds of texts."

"I think it is interesting and useful, because you are confronted with the reality of working life. You have to learn to communicate with the client and to work under pressure to meet the deadline."

"I think it is a great idea. First, you translate something for a client and not just for the teacher. Secondly, you learn how to translate in a team as well as to proofread the translations of others."

"This is surely the most practical thing we can do, because 'normal' translation classes do not prepare us for real-life translations at all."

"Very effective and desirable as long as the participants are motivated. Without motivation, there would be chaos."

"The texts in translation classes should be more practice-oriented. Newspaper articles and excerpts from literature are rarely translated in reality."

"Maybe a little too complex."

"I think it is useful and necessary in order not to experience a nasty surprise after university. Basically, those projects require more commitment and a great deal more time."


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