Mailing list: Translation/interpreting studies programmes and the Bologna process

The mailing list "bama-germersheim" serves as a discussion forum for questions resulting from the implementation of the Bologna process in translation/interpreting programmes. It was established for delegates attending the "Fifth International Symposium on Teaching Translation and Interpreting - BA/MA Programmes: An International Perspective" (Germersheim, 9-11 December 2004) but is open to other persons as well.

If you wish to subscribe, you can either send an e-mail to (subject field: "subscribe bama-germersheim"), or use the web interface under (you can also use the interface to check your personal settings). To unsubscribe, use the web interface or send an e-mail with "unsubscribe bama-germersheim" in the subject field.

Please use the list exclusively for topics which concern translation/interpreting and the Bologna process. Thank you. Messages can be in English or in German (or, ideally, in both languages).

If you have any queries concerning the list, please contact the administrator, Dr Susanne Hagemann. Her e-mail address (given here in a form which will hopefully prevent spam) is her surname, followed by the at sign, followed by "".


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