The Region and Nation Literature Association

The first step toward the creation of an association for the study of the literatures of region and nation was taken in 1986. In August of that year the first of a series of biannual international conferences exploring all aspects of nation and region in literatures written in English was held in Aberdeen, Scotland. Since then, as the international network has grown, cities around the world have hosted the conferences: Nottingham, England (1988), Luxembourg (1990), Swansea, Wales (1992), Bratislava, Slovakia (1994), Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada (1996), Germersheim, Germany (1998), Östersund, Sweden (2000), Durban, South Africa (2002), Manchester, England (2004), Manhattan, Kansas, USA (2006), and Aberdeen, Scotland (2008). The 2010 and 2012 conferences will be held at Shiga University of Medical Science, Japan, and Pécs University, Hungary, respectively.

At the Business Meeting of the Sixth Conference, at Saint John on August 7th 1996, the Region and Nation Literature Association was constituted.

The current officers of the RNLA are:

Past Presidents: Professor R. P. Draper, University of Aberdeen; Professor Winnifred M. Bogaards, University of Saint John, New Brunswick.

Past Chairs: Professor Winnifred M. Bogaards, University of Saint John, New Brunswick; Dr. Susanne Hagemann, University of Mainz/Germersheim, Germany; Dr. Joss West-Burnham, Manchester Metropolitan University, England.


Chair of RNLA:
Professor Donna L. Potts
Department of English
Kansas State University
106 Denison Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-0701
Phone: (+1) 913 532 6716.
Fax: (+1) 913 532 7004

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