ACL 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony and Speech

Lauri Karttunen


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Presenters: Lauri Karttunen, Mark Steedman (chair), Eva Hajicova
Type: Award presentation
Venue: ACL 2007 in Prague
Date: June 26, 2007
Recording: Reinhard Rapp
Duration: 55 minutes



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The Association for Computational Linguistics gives each year at its Annual Meeting a “Lifetime Achievement Award.” The 2007 award was given to Lauri Karttunen. At 65, Lauri Karttunen is the youngest recipient of this award so far. The first recipient of the “ACL Lifetime Achievement Award” was Aravind Joshi from the University of Pennsylvania in 2000. The past winners include Lauri Karttunen’s ex-colleague from PARC, Martin Kay, who won the award in 2005.

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