Prof. Victor Yngve Interviewed by Prof. Yorick Wilks


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Presenters: Yorick Wilks and Victor Yngve
Type: Interview
Venue: University of Chicago
Date: 2005
Recording: University of Chicago
Duration: 63 minutes



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Prof. Victor Yngve is a key witness of the earliest days of computational linguistics, and of the original split, as one might call it, between Chomsky and computational linguistics. He was at MIT at that time and is in one sense the founder of computational linguistics as distinct from machine translation. He broke with Chomsky over the key issue of syntax and processing. This video shows Prof. Yngve's reminiscences and is part of a series of interviews with the founders of computational linguistics.

The video was copied to the video archive with the kind permission of Prof. Yorick Wilks. For this purpose a conversion of the original video format was necessary. The original file which is of somewhat better technical quality can be viewed at the Sheffield website, or you can download it below. In both cases the Apple QuickTime video player is required for viewing.

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