Links to CL-related Videos on the Web


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Adam Kilgarriff   The long road from text to meaning. Google tech talk given on May 3, 2007.
Donald Knuth's Musings   Lectures given by famous computer scientist Donald L. Knuth, author of "The Art of Computer Programming".
Google Video Lectures   Collection of lectures on computer science topics (e.g. programming in C++, Java, and Python).
HAIL Seminars   Seminar series with a focus on Human Factors, Artificial Intelligence, and Language Technology organised by Cécile Paris and Andrew Lampert from the Information Engineering Laboratory at the CSIRO ICT Centre in North Ryde, Sydney, Australia.
ISLA Colloquium   Videos of the talks presented at the Intelligent Systems Laboratory of the University of Amsterdam,  among them a few in computational linguistics
Jason Eisner's song about parsing  

The Grammar and the sentence. Parsers just want to be appreciated, like everyone else.

Karen Spärck Jones' Award Presentation   Professor Karen Spärck Jones prepared this recording for posthumous use as her health did not permit her to receive the ACM Athena Award (at SIGIR 2007) and BCS Lovelace Medal in person. It is an impressive document not only for its scientific content, but also with regard to the place of science in the life of a dedicated researcher.
LSA Videos on the Web   Archive of short video clips related to human language operated by the Linguistic Society of America.
mathlingvo   Natural language processing seminar (in Russian) is an all-volunteer team of audio/video producers who record and publish important spoken-word events anywhere in the world
Research Channel Video Library   The  Research Channel Video Library has about 3000 videos on a wide range of research related topics online for the public, among them a few in Computational Linguistics.
Statistical Learning Theory   Berkeley course on statistical learning theory - graphical models. High resolution videos (website designed for in-house use).
Steven Bird on the NLTK   Presentation on the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) given by Steven Bird at a meeting of the Bay Area Phyton Interest Group.   Exciting website with scientific lectures covering all fields (currently the emphasis is on machine learning and the semantic web).   Short online videos (10 min. maximum) mainly for entertainment, only few related to computational linguistics.