A Repository of Videos in Computational Linguistics

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The Video Archive is an initiative of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) with the aims of making teaching materials freely available to anybody interested, to facilitate scientific communication, and to document history and progress in our field.

If you have a broadband connection to the internet, you can watch the videos online using your browser. This requires the standard flash player browser plugin, which is available for all major operating systems (including Windows, Linux, and MacOS) and likely to be already installed on your computer (about 98% coverage according to some surveys). Also, Javascript needs to be enabled. If the bandwidth of your internet connection is too low, or if you wish a considerably higher resolution, many videos can also be downloaded and watched offline, with download durations typically being in the order of several hours. The video formats used for the download files are flv and mpeg2, with the latter being supported by most media players.

Note that the videos are only intended for personal and classroom use, and that the presenters hold the copyright. Therefore, for other purposes (including redistribution and any kind of commercial exploitation) users must seek permission from the presenters.

If you like the videos, we would be glad if you might consider supporting this project, which is a community driven non-profit initiative. As high quality presentations worth being recorded are given at places all over the world, none of us can attend them all. Therefore, the success of this initiative will depend on the support by volunteers who do the recording, and of course of the presenters who, in the best spirit of international scientific communication, are generous enough to allow the free publication of their invaluable work.