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  Bogdan Babych: Assisting Translators in Indirect Lexical Transfer (conference talk)
  Kenneth Church: Repetition and Language Models and Comparable Corpora (invited talk)
  Ido Dagan, Dan Roth, Fabio M. Zanzotto: Textual Entailment (tutorial)
  Bonnie Dorr: What's the Scoop with CL? (ACL 2008 presidential address)
  Edwin Hancock: Characterising Structural Variations in Graphs (invited talk)
  Eduard Hovy: The OntoNotes Project (invited talk)
  Lauri Karttunen: ACL 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award (award presentation)
  Philipp Koehn: Statistical Machine Translation (tutorial)
  Bing Liu: From Web Content Mining to Natural Language Processing (tutorial)
  Ted Pedersen: Language Independent Methods of Clustering Similar Contexts (tutorial)
  Barney Pell: Natural Language and the Future of Search (invited talk)
  Richard Sproat: Symbols, Meaning and Statistics (invited talk)
  Yorick Wilks Interviewing Founders of CL: Victor Yngve (interview)
  Yorick Wilks Interviewing Founders of CL: Martin Kay (interview)
  William Woods: ACL 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award (award presentation)
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