34th Colloquium of Linguistics
Quick Overview and Address
Conference Location: 
Germersheim, Germany 
September 7 to 10, 1999 
Conference Topics: 
All Fields of Linguistics 
Conference Languages: 
English, German, French 
Submission of  Abstracts: 
May 31, 1999 
Travel Support (Eastern Europe):
May 31, 1999
Submission of Papers: 
November 30, 1999 
Publisher of Proceedings: 
Peter Lang-Verlag, Frankfurt 
Heidelberg and Speyer 


Natural Language Parsing 
Maschinelle Übersetzung 
Sprachtechnologie für das Internet 
Neurocognitive Basis of Language
Conference Address 
34th Colloquium of Linguistics  
c/o Dr. Reinhard Rapp  
Universität Mainz, FASK  
D-76711 Germersheim  
WWW: http://www.fask.uni-mainz.de/lk/  
E-mail: rapp@usun2.fask.uni-mainz.de  
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