34th Colloquium of Linguistics
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The Faculty of Applied Linguistics and Cultural Studies (FASK) of the University of Mainz is located in the town of Germersheim on the Rhine, which is situated in the south-west of Germany next to Speyer between Mannheim and Karlsruhe. It can be easily reached by car, train, and airplane. With its 2500 students, more than 1000 of whom coming from 70 different foreign countries, the faculty is known as one of the world’s largest institutions dedicated to the training and education of translators and interpreters. Within walking distance from the faculty, six hotels and the student’s residence are available with single rooms priced between 30 and 90 DM per night. Meals are provided by the university canteen, the cafeteria, and by a number of restaurants, most of which having lunch specials on offer. The main attractions in and around Germersheim are its fortress, the German wine road, the Palatinate Forest with Hambach Castle, Speyer, Heidelberg, the Castle Park in Schwetzingen and the Old Abbey in Maulbronn.
Distances from Germersheim: 

Speyer: 15 km 
Karlsruhe: 35 km 
Mannheim: 35 km 
Heidelberg: 35 km 
Stuttgart 100 km 
Mainz: 120 km 
Frankfurt / Main: 120 km

Map of Germany with location of Germersheim 

Road Map Southern Palatinate 

Tourist Map Rheinpfalz  / Tourist Map Kurpfalz 

Travel Information (2nd circular version in English)  

Travel Information (overview in German) 
Map of Germersheim  / Location of Hotels 

Impressions from Germersheim 

Heidelberg and Speyer (see Excursion) 
German Wine Road / Deutsche Weinstraße