Language courses and continuing education

In addition to the languages offered at the FTSK, a knowledge of languages of limited diffusion is becoming increasingly important not least as a consequence of efforts to promote European unity but also due to the global interconnections of today’s business world, language and interpreting services, individual companies and public institutions. In order to meet this growing need, the Faculty has continued to extend and adapt its program in the area of continuing training. There are various opportunities to acquire additional practical language qualifications at the FTSK.


Sprachenzentrum Germersheim (the FTSK’s own language center)

The Sprachenzentrum Germersheim (SZG) was founded in 2000 and primarily offers intensive courses for languages not offered as part of the regular programs of study at the FTSK (for example: Farsi, Korean, Hungarian). These language courses are also open to students at other universities as well as non-students. Only students of the University of Mainz are exempt from course fees. The range of languages offered varies from semester to semester. Information on currently available courses can be found at: f


International Summer School in Germersheim (ISG)

The extensive range of courses offered by the ISS is mainly directed at foreign (non-residential) students studying German and translation who are not enrolled at the FTSK, as well as graduates and professionals working in the field of translation and interpreting. Our courses focus primarily on translating and interpreting. The aim of the courses is to allow participants to benefit from the knowledge of lecturers and so help them acquire additional qualifications. At the same time, the courses are designed to create the conditions for an active exchange between students, lecturers, translators, and interpreters from various countries. While the ISS is called a ‘summer school’ courses are usually also offered in the spring.

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